Panel Discussion

New Approach and Tools for Collecting Contemporary Art

14:15 — 16:00
Russian Museum of Ethnography, Marble Hall 4/1 Inzhenernaya st., St. Petersburg

The contemporary art market in Russia is today at the level of the stock market of the early 90s — the market infrastructure is not developed. This implies, on the one hand, great opportunities and prospects, but at the same time it is the reason for the limited number of transactions and low level of growth of new collectors.

Market opacity, insufficient information about artists and the level of prices of their art pieces also inhibit development. It is important that key players, both private and public, disclose more information, which will increase customers’ loyalty and, as a result, the number of transactions.

It is also important to inform colleagues about the international experience, in particular, that every year the number of projects that present various new solutions that are convenient for collectors and acceptable for artists is increasing. Therefore, participants of the panel are active international art figures who would like to share their experience, ideas and will talk about their unique tools for collecting contemporary art.