Not just a picture: the hidden meanings of branding cultural objects

11:00 — 11:40

A successful brand is not only a logo, a pattern and several colors, but also a verified strategy. The task of experts is to offer reasonable solutions to the tasks set and act as a driver of internal changes affecting market positions. And all elements of the company's image should be united by ideology, broadcast meanings that resonate with target audiences. The consistent image of a company or product is most important in highly concentrated markets — when many niches are already occupied; at the early stages of market development and when a product, technology or service does not have unique functionality — here a strong brand can become the main competitive advantage. Complex branding is especially relevant in the social and cultural spheres — here actors' interests are often non-commercial, and therefore actors are more susceptible to the influence of the brand. Elena Yufereva will tell you how and by what means to highlight the individuality of the company in various starting conditions.