Partnership of Museum and City

14:30 — 16:30

Today’s museum joins the competition to get the right to be “the third place” for a city resident – neither their home nor the place of employment, but the space where social life is in full swing and where contents are born. Museum as an element of the urban centrifugal force can change not only the cultural landscape but the physical landscape around it as well. Involving the audience is important not only for the increase of the number of visitors and strengthening the influence, creating an opportunity to take part in decision taking and finding the contact points with the key communities, the museum is also striving for a deeper understanding of its collections and its mission. Partnership is not only ideas of improvement of space, social partnership of various parties but also ideas of active transformation of the sociocultural living space by the efforts of establishing local communities.

How do the city and the museum affect the development of each other? Which problems can be solved by joint efforts of the museum and the city? Which museum practices help to change the urban life? Is it possible for the museum and the center of local community to stop being different entities? How can cultural institutions change the quality of common life on the territory?

Please, pay attention that the time of the event is local.