Presentation of architectural and artistic concept оf the new concert hall in Sverdlovsk Philharmonic

14:30 — 15:00
General Staff Building, Atrium 6/8 Palace sq., St. Petersburg

In March 2018 Governor E. V. Kuyvashev of Sverdlovsk Region announced an international competition to develop the architectural and artistic concept for construction of the concert hall of the Svedlovsk State Academic Philarmonia. A total of 47 applications were submitted for the competition, and half of the applicants represented famous architectural bureaus. The winner was selected from the list of 8 participants, and it was Zaha Hadid Architects Bureau (London, UK). The winning project is not only a unique cultural project for Russia with world-level architecture and a conceptual approach to cultural establishments. 

The Sverdlovsk Philharmonia complex will consist of four halls (two in the new building, and two more in the historic building of the Philharmonic). The complex will constitute a modern multicultural space, which will help bring together classic traditions and cutting-edge approaches to cultural (music) activities. These will create conditions for implementation of large cultural projects and introduction of innovations in the sphere of art and music creative projects.