Panel Discussion

Production and Development of Young Talents

16:15 — 17:45
Russian Museum of Ethnography, Marble Hall 4/1 Inzhenernaya st., St. Petersburg
Young actors, artists and musicians are the most fragile and valuable “material” which you need to be able to work with, nurture and develop it, protect and support, motivate and mentor. At the same time, children’s competition is often even more fierce and aggressive than adults. There are a lot of questions and pain points in the topic of children’s and youth production: how to recognize talent and how to find the right teachers and mentors, how to provide an opportunity to go on stage and to promote, how to make children develop further from prodigies and become Mature artists? How can parents find a balance between business, commercial interests and the interests of the child, to provide him with the necessary emotional support? What are the organizations, programs of development and production of youth in Russia and abroad? What are the pros and cons of a competitive system, how are the issues of remuneration and fees resolved? All of these questions will be discussed by the panelists.