Film Representation

Qatar Short Films Screening

20:00 — 21:45
Manege Central Exhibition Hall 1 St. Isaac's sq., St. Petersburg

How Art Beats Adversity (National Films Programme)

A collection of shorts from a grassroots filmmaking movement that took place in Qatar during the summer of 2017. The young artists behind these films were inspired by an unjust blockade imposed on their country. By using art to express themselves, their work became a consolidating and motivating force which helped Qatar triumph over the challenges posed by the siege. 

Art Beats Adversity (2017) | Rawda Al Thani & Dana Mohammed

Business as Usual (2017) | Fahad Al Kuwari 

Things are fine. We are fine. Locals and expatriates alike are busy with their achievements in a variety of fields and industries. We are fine because of our togetherness and our collaborations. We are fine because of our productivity. We are fine because #We_Are_Qatar.

Anthem (2017) 

A barrage of doubt in a period of time, the mind creates a wall to climb / Look to those dear to you, pray to your personal shrine / Surely, you’ll find yourself at the highest peaks to play what can be heard by all mankind.

The Fabricator (2017) | Khalifa Al-Thani 

Pearls of Wisdom: Qatar (2017) |Dana Mohammed

‘Pearls of Wisdom’ is a series of archival footage and soundbites from previous leaders of Gulf countries who came together in the 1980s to create a united GCC. It reflects on their words of wisdom with the support of visuals that allow the viewer to both hear what was said as well as to feel it. ‘Pearls of Wisdom’ has a message for each of those countries in the words of their own beloved leaders. 

Voices of Qatar (2017) — Yasser Mustafa 

Shortcuts to Qatar (Narrative Programme) 

This programme chronicles films Made in Qatar from 2012 onwards and includes Narrative Films. 

The Palm Tree (2015) | Jassim Al Rumaihi | Short Documentary

From the very west of Morocco to the east of Iraq, the palm tree in the Arab world is considered a significant symbol of culture and heritage. It served the people of the desert for centuries providing food, shade, and fuel even in the harshest conditions. The Palm Tree is a short poetic documentary that sheds light on the majestic tree. 

Kashta (2016) | A.J. Al Thani | Short Narrative

Out in the beautiful quiet of the desert, a man teaches his young sons how to track and hunt. Frustration leads to an apparently harmless struggle between the two brothers – but their carelessness brings about sudden disaster. Qatari filmmaker A.J. Al Thani’s film strikes just the right balance of calm and calamity, adolescence and adulthood, knowhow and panic to tell a seemingly simple story with a sense of gravity that will echo with anyone who has seen an innocent plan go horribly wrong. 

Red (2017) | Kholood Al-Ali

A shy and lonely boy trudges through the snowy streets of a desolate, abandoned urban landscape, where he sees an abandoned pair of red trainers hanging from a telephone wire. He wants them dearly – but can he stamp out his fears and find a way to get them on his feet? The spectre of fear and doubt that lives inside us all, questioning our courage and making our confidence falter, gets a kick in the pants in this charming animated work. 

Land of Pearls (2012) | Mohammad Al Ibrahim

A pearl shopkeeper tells his grandson of his encounters with the sea in the 1950s.