Rap as New Poetry

19:00 — 22:45
New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theatre 49A Fontanka River emb., St. Petersburg

Open lecture and concert “Rap as New Poetry” organized by the #YuF (#ЮФ in Russian) project to make books and reading popular with the young generation of Russians. Participants of the event — well-known bloggers and rap performers — speak the same language with the young audience and draw its attention to the key role of reading in all sectors of life. Schoolchildren and students will be guests of the event. Levan Gorroziya will lecture about rap and influences in his lyrics. After that guests will write essays about rap. And the evening will end with the concert by two rap performers: Мozee Montana, whose emotional, open creativity the young audience feels very keenly, and the rap star Rickey F, outstanding representative of the second generation of “Versus: Fresh Blood“.  


19:00 — doors open and guests assemble;  

19:40 — opening remarks by the emcee, presentation of one of the organizers  

19:45–20:00 — lecture by Levan Gorroziya  

20:00–21:00 — creative essay. Participants will be offered three topics to choose from: two topics about rap and hip-hop and their ties with contemporary poetry, culture and reading as well as a freely-chosen topic;  

21:00 –21:15 — break;  

21:15 – 21:20 — emcee speaking and presentation of organizers:  

Maxim Chumin,  

Ekaterina Kozhanova.  

21:20–22:00 — concert by Mozee Montana — hip-hop performer, attention-getting representative of female rap;  

22:00–22:45 — concert by Rickey F — the most outstanding representative of “Versus: Fresh Blood”, second season.