Reading of the Future: Rap in the Library

18:00 — 21:30
National Library of Russia: New Building, foyer 165 Moskovsky av., building 2, St. Petersburg

For the second time, the YuF project is organizing "Rap in the library" with the most popular performers of this music genre in St. Petersburg. This time, on November 13, the event’s venue will be the National Library of Russia. This is a completely new format for holding concerts, because it is not often that we hear such phrases as "make some noise" in a library. In addition to the fact that the Reading of the Future event will include a concert, a popular rap artist will give a lecture for all the visitors, in which he will briefly talk about poetry in hip-hop music, an important transition in rap from tracks with entertainment content to tracks raising serious social issues. After the lecture, the participants will be asked to write a free essay on the topic of rap or answer one of two suggested questions: "How has hip-hop influenced my life?" or "Is rap poetry?"

Admission to the event stops at 18:30.

Event Program:

  • 18:00 — admission of participants
  • 18:30 — host's opening words
  • 18:35–18:50 — lecture
  • 18:50–19:50 — essay
  • 19:50–20:00 — break
  • 20:00–21:30 — concert.