Round Table Discussion

Roundtable “From the Post-Soviet to ‘Today’: Reality’s Reflection in Russian and German Films in 1990–2010”

19:00 — 21:30
Bookstore "Order of words" Emb. riv. Fontanka, 15, St. Petersburg

In 1998, young film makers from Munich — Benjamin Heisenberg, Christoph Hochhäusler and Sebastian Kutzli — founded the Revolver magazine which has become the main printed media of the new German film industry. There are still key discussions of the German cinematographic community taking place on its pages: film directors present their methods and discuss each other’s works trying to reveal the concerns understood by all representatives of the contemporary film industry. Though the magazine had been born outside the capital city, its real life began in Berlin, where the founders were joined by other German film makers from the new generation. The Berlin School is the manifest of German film industry today.

The Revolver authors will take part in the roundtable together with critics from the Séance magazine, they will discuss the experience of German and Russian film industries in the hard decades of disintegration, when films and reality had to look for each other anew in the ruins of states that had disappeared. Discussion by critics from the two leading film magazines from Russia and Germany will open a series of film screenings “Revolver: films from Berlin”.