Round Table Discussion

Roundtable on Amateur Theatre Issues

General Staff Building 6/8 Palace sq., St. Petersburg

It is planned to share experience, discuss urgent issues and pressing problems in theatrical amateurship in Russia and abroad, evaluate possibilities of their solving in contemporary environment, determine prospects for further development as a part of the event.

The topics of speeches:

  • Activities of the global nongovernmental public organization — International Amateur Theatre Association (AITA);
  • Experience of the AITA Russian center's participation in international cooperation projects of the Association;
  • Bringing international theatrical projects into life;
  • Amateur theatre in the cultural space of Russia;
  • Amateur theatres and authorities (state, regional, city, municipal, etc.) — things in common;
  • Preparation and retraining of professionals, creation of the environment for their employment and bringing their creative ideas into life;
  • Other topics related to theatre amateurs' activities.