Round Table Discussion

Roundtable on Amateur Theatre Issues

Stanislavsky's House of Actor 86 Nevsky st., St. Petersburg

It is planned to share experience, discuss urgent issues and pressing problems in theatrical amateurship in Russia and abroad, evaluate possibilities of their solving in contemporary environment, determine prospects for further development as a part of the event.

The topics of speeches:

  • Children's amateur theatre and festivals of theatres where children are performing;
  • Russian realities and prospects for development of children's theatrical schools and theatrical departments of children's art schools;
  • Establishment of a complex system for preservation and development of the Russian language in case of bilingual children and teenagers as one of the main tasks of the Russian-speaking theatres abroad;
  • Special features of the international amateur theatre company in Italy;
  • All-Russian summer theatre center on the island of Olkhon — the International Amateur Theatre Festival "Siberian Ramp" on Lake Baikal;
  • Other topics related to theatre amateurs' activities.


  • Assol plastic fantasy based on Scarlet Sails fairy-tale by A. Grin (Mary children's theatre, Krasnoye Selo) — 15 minutes;
  • Vladimir Vysotsky. The Tragedy of a Russian Soul performance based on poems, songs by V. Vysotsky and priest Pavel Gumerov's book (Actio theatre, Leningrad Region, Shlisselburg, Nevsky sports and cultural complex) — 40 minutes;
  • A fragment of performance The Isles of my Memory based on stories by Irina Yelochkina (Za Uglom theatre-studio, Leningrad Region, Gatchina Town House of Culture) — 15 minutes.