Visit to the Museum

Russian Museum of Ethnography

Russian Museum of Ethnography 4/1 Inzhenernaya st., St. Petersburg

The main expositions of one of the largest ethnographic museums in the world, which stores 500 thousand ethnographic objects on 157 large and small ethnic groups of Russia, are available for visiting. The following exhibitions are also available for visiting:

  • "The Arctic — Inhabited Land". Travel across the Russian polar vast expanses. Acquaintance with authentic archaeological, historical and ethnographic artifacts.
  • "In harmony with red: the Turkmens". The exhibition sections cover various spheres of the Turkmen culture, reveal the specifics of using red in the context of children's and wedding complexes, yurt decoration, etc.
  • "Values are timeless...". The exhibition tells visitors about ethnographers and ethnographic expeditions of the first third of the 20 century, introduces to the basic principles of collecting activities of the Ethnographic Department.
  • "Ancient Orthodoxy: Symbols of Preserved Traditions". The exhibition is timed to the 400th anniversary of the birth of Archpriest Avvakum (November 25 (December 5), 1620 — April 14 (24), 1682), the outstanding church figure, one of the ideologists of the Old Belief, and writer.
  • "Baltika — Crossroads of Cultures". The exhibition reveals the theme of the "crossroads of cultures": Slavic, Finno-Ugric, Baltic and German, and also introduces to how ethnic and national traditions are preserved and developed in the countries of the Baltic region.
  • "Return to the origins": ethnic trend in the jewelry art of the peoples of the Baltic States of the 20th century". The exhibition is dedicated to the ethnic trend development history in the jewelry art of the Baltic peoples of the 20th century.
  • "Silk theme". The exhibition features exhibits that characterize the silk-making process: samples of silkworm cocoons, utensils for steaming them, scales for weighing the precious product, raw silk threads at different stages of processing, as well as finished yarn.

The visit is available for four days during the Forum: November 10–13.