Sandro Botticelli. "Madonna della Loggia." From the Uffizi Gallery, Florence. From the series “Masterpieces of World Museums in the Hermitage”

14:00 — 15:30
State Hermitage Museum, Leonardo hall 2 Palace sq., St. Petersburg

Sandro Botticelli’s Madonna della Loggia is one of his most famous pictures. The Hermitage has two works from Botticelli’s late period, St Jerome and St Dominic. We see here the lyrical note that was ever-present in Botticelli’s works and indeed the Uffizi picture is a superb example of those features that characterise the artist’s most famous paintings: lyricism, a fine sense of rhythm, the expressiveness of slender, flexible lines. Rhythmic harmony here makes itself felt in the arches and pillars, while those sinuous lines that define the contours dominate over any sense of volume.  

This exhibition is being held as part of the VIII St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum.