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"Shum" Creative Engineering Laboratory

12:35 — 12:55
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In 2022, the Polytechnic Museum implemented the "Shum" Creative Engineering Laboratory project for technological artists, experimental musicians, and engineers who work with sound.

The space for the implementation of ideas in the "Shum" Creative Engineering Lab has become wide: from audiovisual art to sound ecology. Its participants visualized the sound of various musical instruments, conducted field recordings, created their own sound works and installations together with the masters.

The work of the Polytechnic Museum with the participants continues the laboratory ends: the best works and objects will participate in the Technical Aesthetics and Sound exhibitions, which will be held in 2023 and 2024.

The Curator of the "Shum" Creative Engineering Laboratory is Natalia Fuchs. The masters of the laboratory are Alexandra Gavrilova, Dmitry Mazurov, and Yulia Glukhova. The Oktava Industrial Arts Cluster in Tula has become a partner of the Noise Creative Engineering Laboratory.