Visit to the Museum

Suvorov Museum

10:00 — 18:00
State Memorial Museum of A. V. Suvorov 43 Kirochnaya st., St. Petersburg

The Suvorov Museum — the first in Russia, erected in honor of one hero — was created with public donations. Built in the style of ancient Russian fortresses, the building became a memorial of the great commander and a temple-monument of Russian military glory. Its walls are decorated with magnificent mosaics, the tiled tent is crowned with a figure of a gilded two-headed eagle.

Today, the museum collection consists of over 100 thousand exhibits: these are personal belongings, weapons and awards of the commander, paintings, battle flags, uniforms and equipment items.

A separate exposition was opened in 2018, the first in Russia Museum of tin soldier, which was based on the country's largest collection of tin miniatures. Visitors will not only see miniature masterpieces: multimedia technologies, mechanics, special lighting and sound effects will enliven the historical events of the legendary Swiss campaign, the fabulous love of a sturdy tin soldier and a beautiful dancer, will make it possible to witness the last parade of the Russian Imperial Guard...

Exhibitions: “Faleristics of the First World War”, “Military Capital of Russia”, “I will give my life for Sevastopol ...”