Symphony Orchestra of the Capella of St. Petersburg

19:00 — 21:00
St. Petersburg State Academic Capella, Concert Hall 20 Moyka River emb., St. Petersburg

Capella Symphony Orchestra, conductor — Alexander Chernushenko.

Liszt. Dedicated to the 210th anniversary of birth.


  • Concerto for piano and orchestra in D Major in three parts. Soloist — Elizaveta Ukrainskaya;
  • "Faust Symphony" in three characteristic pictures by Goethe, S. 108.

The concert is dedicated to Franz Liszt. The brilliant pianist, outstanding conductor and composer will appear in the grandiose "Faust Symphony" (based on the philosophical tragedy of Goethe) and the Second Concerto for Piano and Orchestra, interpreted by the talented Petersburg woman Elizaveta Ukrainskaya.

"Faust Symphony" became the most significant work of the composer, written in a new genre created by him: a symphonic poem. In "Faust", the composer does not seek to retell Goethe's tragedy. He is more concerned with the thoughts and passions of the main characters, their characters and actions. Parts of the "Faust Symphony" are named after the characters: Faust, Margarita, Mephistopheles.