The 4th Conference “The Book Policy of Regions”

13:00 — 15:30
Badge, Additional Registration
Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library 3 Senatskaya sq., St. Petersburg

The annual conference aimed at development of the consistent book policy in all regions of the Russian Federation considering the best practices of the Russian and international experience.

In 2018 the Conference will be dedicated to establishing cooperative relations between regional governments, local and federal industry associations and public structures, producing a synergistic effect for reading and developing the book culture in each region, which in the future will allow authorities of the constituent regions of the Russian Federation to develop effective indicators of reading infrastructure development with their subsequent participation in creating an action plan for  implementation of the State Strategy for Cultural Policy Through 2030, approved by Decree No. 2563-p of the Government of the Russian Federation on December 1, 2016.

The conference will discuss the current condition of the reading infrastructure, introduce the regional rating, show the correlation between the share of intellectually developed population and the economic growth in the constituent region, delineate strategic development directions for culture and reading at federal and regional levels in order to promote socio-cultural development with consideration of best regional and international practices.

The award presentation ceremony to the winners of the IV All-Russian Competition “Region with Most Readers” who will get the title of the “Literature Flagship of Russia” will take place upon the completion of the conference.