Film Representation

The New Babylon

21:00 — 22:30
Lendoc Studio, White hall 12 Kryukov Canal emb., St. Petersburg

Gosfilmofond presents the program dedicated to the year of Theatre in Russia: film screening of the silent film “The New Babylon” directed by Georgy Kozintsev and Leonid Trauberg (1929, 76 minutes) accompanied by a symphonic orchestra.

About the film: Black and white film "The New Babylon" ("Storming the Sky") is a story about events that took place in France in the early 1870s (Paris Commune). This historical and revolutionary epic is recognized as a masterpiece of the Soviet avant-garde. The film is filled with love reminiscences from the great French culture of the 19th century: the novels of Hugo and Zola, paintings of the Impressionists. The film accommodates the traditions of Manet, Renoir, Degas, Pissarro, the sharp and sarcastic Lautrec and even Picasso in his “blue” period.

Accompanied by the music performance of St.Petersburg Festival Symphony Orchestra.
Conductor — Sergey Paschenko, Honored Artist of the Moscow Region, graduate of the Moscow Military Conservatory, since 2013 - Chief Conductor of the Governor's Orchestra of the Moscow Region of the Moscow Provincial Theater (art director - National Artist of Russia Sergey Bezrukov).