The Russian Architecture. A Recent Era. 1989–2019

11:00 — 20:00
Artplay Krasnogvardeiskaya Sq., 3 , St. Petersburg

Project Baltia Journal and the ARTPLAY SPb Design Centre present the St. Petersburg version of the Exhibition 'The Russian Architecture. A Recent Era'. The project supervised by the Asadov Bureau, Elena Petukhova (Moscow Union of Architects) and Yulia Shishalova (Project Russia Magazine) is actually the first attempt to analyze what has been happening in the Russian art of building since 1989 in a consistent manner. The project was presented in the Schusev State Museum of Architecture in Moscow in May — June 2019, and now it will be shown in St. Petersburg with an additional exposition 'Space and Context'. 

The Exhibition will cover 30 years of the recent history of architecture in Russia and St. Petersburg as part of the architectural discourse of the country. Curators of the main part of the Exhibition are Andrei and Nikita Asadovs, two brothers and Moscow architects, while Vladimir Frolov, an architecture critic and Editor-in-Chief of the Project Baltia Journal, is in charge of the local content. The St. Petersburg version of the Exhibition 'The Russian Architecture. A Recent Era' will not only demonstrate engineering realities of yesterday and of today, but will also outline possible approaches to comprehension of urban transformations over three decades. A selection of the most important texts by architecture critics who had significant influence on the discussion about the future of the Northern Capital and caused impact on city-planning decisions, will be introduced to the audience. Visitors will also recall dramatic twists and turns of key architectural competitions that often had quite controversial results. A separate project will be dedicated to buildings and other structures of the city that were lost in the period in question. 

In the frames of the reseaching part of the exhibition the historian Andrei Larionov and photographer Alexei Bogolepov will provide a critical analysis of the immersive city landscape panorama. 

The Project Baltia Journal will also present the Architects of the Future Project — a selection of works by recently emerged bureaus, activities of which are considered promising for the city. Visions of aspiring architects will crack a window to the next era of architecture; analysis of the current situation, its demonstration with several methods, a catalogue of architectural losses will map the current state of St. Petersburg reality together.