Round Table Discussion

Theory and Practice of Protecting Cultural Heritage in the 20th Century: Experience of Conceptualization

10:00 — 13:00
Yusupov Palace, Konyushenny Wing 21 Dekabristov st., St. Petersburg

Discussion Topics:

  • Emergence and development of the science of cultural heritage, its interrelation with military and political catastrophes of the 20th century;
  • Сhanges in understanding of the structure and scale of heritage sites;
  • Сhanging approaches to theory and practice of restoration of cultural heritage sites in the 20th century, differences in theoretical understanding and practical implementation in different periods and in different countries;
  • Сlashes and interrelations of conceptually different approaches to restoring heritage.

Event Organizer: KGIOP: Co-Organizer: Likhachev Russian Research and Development Institute for Cultural and Natural Heritage.

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