Traditional Theatre vs. Virtual Theatre

13:30 — 15:00

Virtual, augmented and mixed reality (VR/AR/XR) technologies are inevitably invading art. Modern theatre is no exception and extensively implements in its activities achievements of the technological progress, which are able to immerse viewers in the other world.

Today, VR performances are more like experiments or entertainment attractions and are rarely perceived as art. However, famous theatre figures are increasingly opting for virtual reality combining opportunities of cinema, theatre, and computer games.

Digital technologies are breaking "the fourth wall" that separates the audience from the action taking place on the stage. VR puts viewers inside the narrative, allowing them to build the reality suggested independently. The new theatre format brings more freedom to actors, gives directors a lot of opportunities to implement creative ideas, and generally makes theatre closer to the audience.

Will technologies of virtual, augmented and mixed reality last in theatre for long? Will new immersive technologies succeed in replacing usual theatrical tools forever? How to make high-quality and entertaining VR or AR performances? And is there the future for traditional theatre in the digital age?