Film Representation

Turkish Cinema Days: Film "Aile Arasında (Between Family)"

18:50 — 20:20
"Rodina" Cinema Centre 12 Karavannaya st., St. Petersburg

Director: Ozan Achiktan. Producer: BKM Film. Scenario: Gülse Birsel. Release year: 2017. Duration: 124 minutes. Age restriction: 7+. Genre: Comedy. Actors: Gülse Birsel, Engin Gunaydin, Demet Evgar, Erdal Ozyagjilar, Shevket Chorukh, Devrim Yakut.

Description: Neurotic Fikret, whose 21-year relationship came to an end, on the same day, unexpectedly, meets the singer of the music hall Solmaz. Her daughter Zeynep decides to marry a guy from Adana and then Fikret immediately decides to play the role of her whole life. The engagement was planned to be held in a narrow circle of the family, but at the insistence of the groom's parents, the engagement begins to go beyond the previously planned boundaries. Will the parties be able to agree with the family of the groom, who are armed, respect local traditions, have a network of barbecue and can they hold this wedding without problems?