Une vie de château. Life of the Country Estate and Around It. Country Estate as the Center of the Universe — the Past and the Future

10:00 — 18:00

The conference will bring together in the Gatchina Palace representatives of the museum community, members of the European families who own hereditary estates, and private entrepreneurs. What is the "country estate" in the modern world culture? Is it a museum, a profit-making enterprise, or a living organism? The conference participants will discuss whether the country estate can remain the center of life; what the country estate civilization is and can it be considered a special object of cultural heritage.

The event consists of three parts and lasts for three days.

What was the country estate in the world history? During the second day of the conference, it is proposed to consider the change in its role as the city-forming and world view factor. What is the place of the country estate complexes, which once acted as the settlements centers, in the modern urban agglomerations?