V International Craft Congress

The project is directed to facilitation of public access, promotion and preservation of folk arts and crafts both in Russia and abroad as well as integration of crafts into modern life, culture and fashion.

The November 11 program includes:

11:30–13:30 Opening Ceremony of the V St. Petersburg International Craft Congress. Plenary Session.

Presentation topics:

  • Crafts as a driver of the modern creative economy.
  • Creative industries: economic value and cultural content.
  • Cultural codes and a new mechanism for the development of creative industries as part of public-private partnerships.
  • Potential for the development of creative industries, folk arts and crafts in Russia.

13:00–13:30 Special project — presentation of specialized multilingual project GIARTI

13:30–13:45 Exhibition special project "Unique Russia"

14:30–16:00 Panel discussion "The role of cultural, historical and artistic heritage of crafts and folk arts and crafts in the upbringing and education of children and youth"

16:15–18:00 Round table "Open conversation: discussion of a new draft law on folk arts and crafts".