What Do We Know About Teenagers?

14:00 — 16:30

Teenagers have long been a permanent audience of the museum. However, museum employees do not always know how to build work with young people and how to establish a dialogue with the new generation.

How to attract a teenager to the museum? How can museums be attractive for teenagers? What needs to be done so that a teenager agrees to go to a museum instead of a free day without school and his hobbies? How does the participatory approach work with adolescents? What if a deaf or hard of hearing child comes to your museum? How to create an emotional connection with a teenager?

After an open discussion, where experts from cultural institutions will talk about their projects for working with teenagers, CASE STUDY will take place.

Based on the case studies collected before the event, experts, including both representatives of cultural institutions and marketing psychologists, will discuss with the guests the main problems and difficult moments in working with teenagers, give advice on improving existing programs or point out what should be paid more attention.