Where Is the World Heading?

12:00 — 13:30
Manege Central Exhibition Hall 1 St. Isaac's sq., St. Petersburg

Our future, how is it going to change in the next ten years? It is impossible to predict the details, but the common trends seem to be clear already now. For the last decades, the things that used to be understood as impossible have become real. Artificial intelligence and neural networks, robotic mechanisms, and virtual reality not only change our lives but also redefine the possibilities of art and culture. For the last ten years, technologies have fundamentally changed our relations with culture as well as with other spheres of life. Every day we interact with cultural institutions via various modern technologies: we can observe the museum collections online or buy tickets to the theatre using the smartphone. According to statistics, 70% of the cultural institutions note the positive impact of technologies on their work. 

How do cultural institutions use new technologies, and what is the influence of new technologies on their work? What technologies do modern artists use? What technological ideas reflect the basis of our understanding of the present day and the future?