Public Talk

Who is the Exhibition Curator?

16:30 — 17:30
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The youth section of Open Lectures “Culture 2.0 Zoom” allows adolescents to orient themselves among various professions in the sphere of culture today. Guests of Open Lectures will talk about their careers, reveal their professional secrets, and share their thoughts about how technologies change their activities.

To this day, many people are not entirely sure what the curator’s profession is about, how it differs from an art critic or an art historian. Curator Ivan Antonov will become the main participant in the public talk. He will discuss the sources of his profession and the place curators take in the world of art.

Where can the future exhibition curator get his or her education? Do you need to have a degree in Art History? What does the exhibition curator’s professional career start with? What mistakes do beginning professionals make, and how can they be avoided? Ivan will answer these and many other questions during the public talk within Open Lectures “Culture 2.0 Zoom”.