Public Talk

Who is the Modern Musician?

15:00 — 16:00
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The National Library of the Chuvash Republic 15 Lenin av., Cheboksary

The youth section of Open Lectures "Culture 2.0 Zoom" allows adolescents to orient themselves among various professions in the sphere of culture today. Guests of Open Lectures will talk about their careers, reveal their professional secrets, and share their thoughts about how technologies change their activities.

The technological revolution has radically changed the music industry: modern music instruments and digital programs have significantly simplified the music creation process, and streaming services have facilitated musicians' way to their audience. However, are musicians of the XXI century and those of the previous century so different? The public talk will be focused on Ilya Symphocat Pucheglazov, a composer and musician who will tell about his career in the modern music world and share his thoughts on the future of musicians in the age of development of high technologies.

Do contemporary musicians need to have formal training in music? What competencies and skills should today's musicians have? What programs should be used to create melodies? How can one attract the attention of listeners to their work? What should music platforms be chosen? Ilya will answer these and many other questions during the public talk within Open Lectures "Culture 2.0 Zoom".