Why the Future of the Industry Belongs to Global Animation?

18:30 — 20:00
General Staff Building, Atrium 6/8 Palace sq., St. Petersburg

Workshop by a director Tim Johnson and producer Chris Clark "Animation Starts and Wins".

Animated films are occupying film and television screens more and more. Full-length animation competitions at major festivals cannot accommodate all the leading films. The Oscars long lists of animated films are becoming truly endless. Each week, several new full-length cartoons are released. Even professional experts beginning to become confused by the variety of animations.

The modern development of animated films revolves around several antitheses. Global and local: to what extent can the global products created by major studios maintain leadership as strong film projects emerge that are based on specific national preferences (Aardman, Ghibli, Makoto Shinkai films). Children and adults: does the animation emerge from elements of the world of children, and is it able to talk about adult problems? Full length films and TV shows: how does cinematic animation develop under the ever-increasing oppression of traditional and new television formats? Unique stories and sequels/prequels: global animation has entered the ranks of successful sequels, which have become a real addiction? Mainstream and experimental: can the potential of visual and dramatic experimentation be preserved in a world where what is "standard" wins out? We will discuss these and other issues with the guests of the Forum.

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