Why We Need Storytelling?

15:30 — 17:00

Storytelling as a narration device is always beyond a simple statement of facts and conclusions. A masterfully told story with a good narrative sparks a vibrant and emotional contact between the narrator and the audience. A story can cast light on various points of view in a captivating way, providing new interpretations and accents.

Traditionally, storytelling occurred in real-time and was limited to the audience available for direct contact through personal communication, calls, letters, or messages. In the new reality, we can share stories with the entire world at once; and the world can share its stories in return.

Any museum or another cultural institution is a narrator, telling the story of a city, a person, or an object. The question is how to make this story engaging? How to shape a story into a captivating emotional experience for a visitor? How can a cultural institution make itself open for feedback and experiences of the audience?