Will Contemporary Art Replenish the Archives of National Museums: Discourse of the Old and the New?

14:30 — 16:00
State Russian Museum: Marble Palace 5/1 Millionnaya st., St. Petersburg

Art is like a mirror; it helps a person see and understand the contemporary aspects of the time. As the works of past centuries transmit knowledge of life, modern works depict the world around us, its challenges, and its achievements. On a regular basis, curators carefully select the most important creations of modern society to add to museums' collections.

On what criteria do museums select works by contemporary artists, and how do they assess their importance? How have museum collections changed over the past ten years? What role does the government play in the process of building a museum collection? Why do the oldest museums establish contemporary art departments? How do they reach their audience? These and many other questions will be answered by artists, representatives of museums and galleries, art market experts.