Plenary Meeting

Women in the History of Russian Higher Education: Celebrating 140th Anniversary of Bestuzhev’s Courses

12:15 — 13:45
General Staff Building 6/8 Palace sq., St. Petersburg

In 2018 workers of Russian education and culture celebrate the 140th anniversary of the opening of Bestuzhev’s Higher Courses for Women, which remained open for four decades, from 1878 to 1918. Bestuzhev’s Courses were unique in their format, and brought about major changes in the attitude the Russian society held toward education for women, and legal equality between men and women. The participants of the round-table discussion will talk about the role of women in higher education and public service today, including the role of women in government. The historical heritage of higher education for women in Russia in the era of digital and high technologies is an important topic for discussion in the roundtable format. The initiative to celebrate the day of opening of the first institution of higher education for women in Russia will be up for discussion.