Guest Countries

The "Guest Country" honorary status is intended to emphasise the value of our intercultural relationship with the country, and helps to strengthen cooperation and to develop further cultural and educational partner projects.

The main goal of this status is to provide the Guest Country with the opportunity to present its culture and traditions through the Professional and Public Flow programs, as well as through its own engaging Festival Program. Furthermore, a large delegation of government officials and leading experts in the arts and culture from the Guest Country takes part in the Forum events.

Go Lei, the Rector of the Beijing Academy of Dance, and Fu Jiang, the Vice President of the Chinese Union of Circus Arts, participated as experts in the Forum. A concert entitled "Friendship of Peoples" was organized to celebrate the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and Russia.
The program presented by Italy connected the rich history of Russian-Italian relations to the present day. One of the key events in the program presented by Qatar was the concert of Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra, entitled "Twenty-Eight".
10:00 — 16:00
10:00 — 21:00


10:00 — 17:00
The Japanese delegation included leading workers of culture and arts. The participation of Kazakhstan in the work of the Forum became an important step in development of cultural cooperation between our two countries.
During the days of the Forum Greece presented the Athens Festival — the main and the most important annual festival of arts in Greece. The representatives of leading international festivals, including the Athens Festival and the Festival d'Avignon, met at the Forum.