Open Access

Alone with Pushkin
During the COVID-19 isolation period, The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts launched the #НаединесПушкинским (#AlonewithPushkin) online program: it joined all its projects on the Internet and presented new formats for cooperation with the audience during the required separation.
Literary drawing-room: modern children’s literature for children and teenagers
2023 was named the Year of the Russian Language in the CIS states. A series of cultural and educational meetings arranged by the All-Russian State Library for Foreign Literature supported by the Ministry of Education of Russia is timed to coincide with it.
Paintings from the Albertina Museum in the public domain
The iconic pictures by Albrecht Dürer are safely stored in the Albertina Museum depository. They are very rarely shown to the public as most watercolors and pastels, for the preservation of which lighted rooms are not good. The exact copies are presented in the halls. But if you visit the museum’s website, you can view all works by the great master to the smallest detail.
Legendary artist Alexander Rodchenko tells about himself and the Higher Art and Technical Workshops. The RT Creative Lab brought the avant-garde artist and photographer Alexander Rodchenko back to life using the deepfake technology. For the first time in history, the pioneer of the Soviet design reads video lectures “from the first person”.
Awakening the Earth
A multimedia project about the nature of women. Traditional folklore meeting contemporary views on a woman’s image.
Tretyakov Gallery with...
The educational project of Sber, the State Tretyakov Gallery and Okko sends viewers to online tours over the famous museum together with its director Zelfira Tregulova and popular actors Sergey Shnurov and Konstantin Khabenskiy.
Virtual Photo Gallery F11
An independent project aimed at the creation and placement of photo exhibitions on the Internet. Each exhibition has its concept, form and is accessible for viewers for exactly a month.
Belarus Shtetl: VR-tour and reconstruction of the Grand Choral Synagogue in Slonim
Belarus Shtetl is a multimedia project aimed at the actualization and raising awareness of the architectural and cultural Jewish heritage in Belarus and reinterpretation of the history of Byelorussian Jews with the help of new technologies and modern communication means.
Virtual Exhibition Tour
Virtual Exhibition Tour stores exhibitions even after their closure, keeping them accessible in the virtual space for an unlimited period of time – 24/7 in the formant of 360 degrees.
Online Arts
The Online Arts collection provided the audience with the free of charge access to the cultural content: recorded performances from the leading theatres, film collection, concerts, ballets and operas, online tours over the museums of Russia and lectures on culture and arts.