Online workshops of the Russian-Finnish Cultural Forum
8 recordings of free of charge online workshops for the personnel of cultural institutions. Participants of the workshops studied the cutting-edge methods of promotion on social networks, inquired into the fundamentals of creative video recording, learnt to develop museum stage design and commercial offers for partners.
Video: Culture 2.0
Culture 2.0 is an ongoing discussion project of the Forum, the key block of its educational program. The Open Lecture series considers culture through the prism of new reality.
Video: Cultural Heritage Preservation
What does heritage mean for the society, how fast development of technologies influences city life, how can we find the right approach to restoring monuments? Experts of the section discuss important issues like these every year, and share the experiences of how these and many other issues are being solved in different countries and cultural traditions.
Video: Business Venue
The Business Venue creates conditions for the implementation of projects and the signing of agreements in the field of culture.
Video: Ballet and Dance
Ballet is one of Russia’s main cultural brands, and special attention is paid to this art form at the Forum. The Section annually raises issues of popularization and development of the art of dance, supports young dancers and choreographers and unites leading figures of classical and experimental choreographic art.
Video: Museums and Exhibition Projects
A modern museum is not just a venue, where pieces of art are archived and researched, but a multicultural centre, an experimental, educational and player space in a constant dialogue with the audience. At the Forum the status and the place of a museum in modern culture are defined by the Section "Museums and Exhibition Projects", which is traditionally one of the most large-scale ones.
Video: Circus and Street Theatre
How can the traditional circus be combined with the new circus? How can great skill live together with the language of contemporary art, guide and train current and future performers? Recognized experts — from highly awarded teachers to legendary clowns — annually meet at the Forum to share the best achievements and outline the further way of development for the art of circus in various genres.
Video: Theatre
Theorists and practitioners of theatre arts from various countries shared their experience of working on intercultural projects, spoke about a uniform information space, discussed particular national features of various theatre cultures and global tendencies in development of the global theatre.
Video: Education
The intellectual, spiritual and socio-cultural potential of the country depend on the quality of education. The main goal of the section is to create a special place for discussing education issues in general and issues of culture in particular.
Video: Cultural Tourism
Saint Petersburg is a world’s recognized center of cultural tourism, and a great place to discuss achievements and prospects of the industry. At the Forum the Section works on development of new tourist routes — in Russia and abroad — and initiatives that enable harmonization of relations between different countries and nations.