Drawings by the "Theatre-Kids" Project Winners to be displayed in St. Petersburg

On November 11–16, 2019, an exhibition "Chronicle of the All-Russian Theatre Marathon" dedicated to the Year of Theatre in Russia will take place in St. Petersburg.  As part of the exhibition, there will be presented children's themed drawings made by the winners of the All-Russian Drawing Contest arranged under the aegis of the "Theatre-Kids" project.

Timed to the Year of Theatre in Russia, the exhibition is held as part of the VIII Saint Petersburg International Cultural Forum. 

Children's artwork can be seen at some of the most visited places of the northern capital, the Pulkovo Airport and Moskovskiy Railway Station in St. Petersburg. The drawings will be demonstrated on special boards representing the eight federal districts where the winners of the art contest have come from. Each federal district will be represented by four works. 

Previously, the drawings of the contest winners were exhibited in Moscow, at Natalya Sats Children's Musical Theatre, and in Gurzuf, at the Suuk-Su Palace of the "Artek" International Children's Centre. The Awards ceremonies honoring the winners of the Theatre Drawing Contest and the Contest of Theatre Reviews were held in both cities. 

In 2019, the "Theatre-Kids" project incorporated the "Moscow-Theatre-School" Festival of School Theatre Companies of Moscow and the Moscow Oblast, a large-scale campaign "Theatre Sketches: Workshops and Meet-the-Artist Events", the All-Russian Contest of Children's Drawings dedicated to theatre, and All-Russian Contest of Theatre Reviews "We Write on Theatre!". 

The contests' organizers are the Government of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, and the Union of the Theatre Professionals of the Russian Federation.  The organizing committee has processed over 3,000 applications from all over Russia — more than 2,500 drawings and more than 500 written compositions. The winners were awarded a trip to the Theatre Session in "Artek". 

The exhibition's venue:  

11–16 November 2019 — Moskovskiy Railway Station and Pulkovo Airport, St. Petersburg.

About the "Chronicle of the All-Russian Theatre Marathon" exhibition  

The All-Russian Theatre Marathon is the largest event in the framework of the Year of Theatre, with all 85 regions of Russia taking part in it. It was launched in January this year in Vladivostok, to be finished in mid-November in the westernmost tip of the country, in Kaliningrad. The Marathon is staged in the form of theatre relay race: regional theatres go on tour and pass a special symbol of the Year of Theatre to the next participating stage company. The exhibition covers the main stages of the All-Russian Theatre Marathon and its highlights.

Reference information: 

"Theatre-Kids" is a large-scale cultural and social project timed to the Year of Theatre in Russia. The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the Union of Theatre Professionals, Russian Institute of Theatre Arts (GITIS), Russian State Institute of Performing Arts, Moscow Art Theatre School, Boris Shchukin Theatre Institute, Mikhail Shchepkin Higher Theatre School take part in the project implementation. The initiative introduces children to the traditions of Russian and world theatre, its history and varied trends. 

The project's objectives include awareness-raising activities with the participation of the leading theatre companies and Russian higher schools of Arts, providing conditions for the development of creative abilities and theatre art, familiarizing children with Russia's spiritual heritage and theatre culture, propagating theatre art among young people, setting up the communications environment and conditions for self-actualization, and increasing the social and creative activity of the young generation.