Ecopolis, houses with the timber frame, what the "green architecture" is capable of in practice — will be discussed at the IX Saint Petersburg International Cultural Forum

Health in the broadest sense of the word is a new cultural code of the mankind. Physical activity, emotional stability, mental health, variety of interest areas — all this complex of factors develops the integral, first of all, cultural environment that a modern city shall offer to its residents. How to decipher this code in the prism of the new post-pandemic optics, will be considered by the experts of the section "Creative Environment and Urbanism".

It happened that this significant year for the section (this year it celebrates its first anniversary — 5 years), focus of the discussion is one of the main problems facing the world community — a person and a city through the prism of a pandemic. What and how determines the modern cities appearance? How do visual images and architectural objects form the image of cities and countries in the eyes of their residents and guests? Who is creating the environment nowadays and how people want it to be? These and other topical issues will be the section focus of attention.

Traditionally, the leading architects, cultural professionals, businessmen, urbanists, Russian and foreign experts — all those who can enrich the discussion about the city are invited to participate in the program of the section "Creative Environment and Urbanism". For the first time, at the session will speak David Vlakhov, the Founding President of the International Community for Urban Health (ISUH), the man who introduced the concept of Urban Health. Also among the invited speakers of this year there are: Vicente Guayart, Architect, Co-founder of the Institute of Contemporary Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC); Yuri Milevsky, Partner of Novaya Zemlya, Representative in London (UK / Russia); Vladimir Grigoriev, Chief Architect of St. Petersburg; Anna Trapkova, General Director of the Museum of Moscow and Pavel Prigara, Director of the Manezh Central Exhibition Hall in St. Petersburg; Director Alexander Molochnikov; Alexander Dashevsky, One of the Eight Best Artists in the World according to Forbes; Eva Radionova, Head of the NovaScape Bureau, Lecturer at the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam, Landscape Architect, Municipality of Amsterdam (Holland); Guy Eames, Co-Founder of the Green Building Council Russia; Sergey Georgievsky, Co-Founder of CENTER Group of Companies; Oleg Shapiro, Architect, Partner of the Wowhaus Bureau; Alexey Novikov, President of Habidatum, and many others.

The section participants will discuss three significant projects at once, each of which is being implemented in Russia for the first time. Firstly, the point at issue shall be the plans to build the first eco-cities in the country, in particular, an eco-policy on Sakhalin — the projects competition results are planned to be summed up by the end of October. States all over the world are working on the idea of eco-cities, involving for their implementation the leading architectural firms. Already at the moment, such projects are being implemented in the UAE, Denmark, China and other countries. They are planned to become a comprehensive response to urbanization, climate change and challenges of the pandemic. In Russia, the project on Sakhalin can be called the first test of the pen.

Secondly, the section audience will be presented the progress of the project implementation of the first Russian urban National Park along the Kazanka River in Tatarstan. It is unique in many ways. For example, according to the organizers research, the park will provide the opportunity to improve the citizens’ health and reduce the annual citywide mortality rate by more than 13%. What else is remarkable about the park will be spoken by the project ideologists and authors.

Thirdly, the speakers will talk about the projects competition for the small apartment buildings with wooden structures. The wooden houses construction is being tested by the architects all over the world as an alternative to the unsustainable building materials use.

Thus, each of these projects can be the first step towards a significant change in the country ecological, urban and cultural landscape. In addition, the section participants will discuss working with a river frame in the urban environment, digitalization projects and work with climate change, strategies of cities and states to minimize the threats and consequences of the pandemic, and much more.

"The Cultural Forum is a multi-format platform that is optimal for talking about the complex and multifaceted topic of a new city. The city that can become a healthy and sustainable human environment. Our cooperation with the Forum has been going on for already 5 years, and during this time we were able to invite to St. Petersburg a whole galaxy of the world architecture stars. I am very glad that this year we will again be able to offer a program full of leading foreign and Russian speakers, discussion topics, acute issues, strategic projects," noted Sergey Kuznetsov the Head of the Section, Chief Architect of Moscow.

Changes in the program are possible — follow the news on the website and in the Forum social networks. Participants’ registration in the professional flow of the Forum is open until October 24.