How Does Art Work on Blockchain?

© Sofia Crespo
An online discussion of the Open Lectures Culture 2.0 — “Blockchain in Art: Inspired by Technologies” — will be held at 18:00 on November 26. Experts and authors of contemporary art will talk about the combination of artificial intelligence, biology, and robotics in works of art. Anyone can join the broadcast on the Forum’s website and on social media

The November online discussions of the special discussion project and the key block of the educational program of the Saint Petersburg International Cultural Forum — Open Lectures Culture 2.0 — continue to immerse the audience in the topic of the latest technologies. Contemporary art reflects the most progressive movements of the society. The works of artists are already moving into the field of science, technology, and sociology, so the emergence of Blockchain Art as a separate direction in art is not surprising. Mikhail Libman, the founder of the (USA) laboratory for new art genres, sees great potential in technology for the creators: “With the invention of Blockchain, every digital pixel can now be identified, tracked and programmed. Artists today are just starting to explore the formats that start online and culminate in the real world, their development can lead to new social and artistic experiences”.

Artists from Switzerland and Germany will present their viewpoints as creators of new art. Mark Bern (Switzerland) is an internet entrepreneur and Blockchain enthusiast who calls himself a pixel artist. Sofia Crespo (Germany) creates digital art with artificial intelligence: “As part of my creative process, I work with such algorithms such convolutional neural networks for image generation and generative adversarial networks (GANs)”.

Blockchain is used in the industry not only for the invention of new creative forms: instead, to a greater extent, experts study the capabilities of Blockchain as those of a tool for verifying the works’ authenticity and proof of origin. Robert Norton founded the first Blockchain-based collectibles certification platform — Verisart. He will explain how technology protects the copyrights to art works and clears the market from counterfeiting and fraud. The discussion will also include the topic of the possibility of creating an autonomous, self-sustaining, and self-replicating work. Kate Vasilieva, founder and creative director of Kate Vass Galerie, will talk about how new technologies can help artists become in demand and whether Bitcoin-based works will reach the level of high art.