Innovative Exposotoins, private Collections Aand Exhibitions Space Design

Open Lectures "Culture 2.0", a special project of the Saint Petersburg International Cultural Forum, will hold two meetings with prominent representatives of the museum community from all across the globe during the Forum: "The Art of Expression through Impression" and "Private Museums".

Visitors will have a chance to figure out emotional context of exhibit items, learn about development of new content for museums and get to know work features of private collections. 

The main topic of discussion "The Art of Expression through Impression" is the role of emotions in planning museums of the 21st century. The focus will be on immersive technologies that help new ways of interaction with visitors emerge, and new digital media used by cultural institutions and social spaces. 

The discussion will be attended by representatives of several German museums at once. Jane Redlin (Germany) is a scientific associate at the Museum of European Cultures. She researches religion, rituals, symbolic culture, and works as a curator of multiple exhibitions, some of which are focused on the emotional context exactly. Katharina Fendius (Germany) is in charge of projects of the Deputy Director General of the Berlin State Museum. In the joint museum4punkt0 project she heads the department "Rethinking of Visitor Movement" aimed at digital improvement of the visitors' opportunities.

"Museums are excellent places for a constructive dialogue between science and society. To reach the widest possible audience, they must create symmetrical, interdisciplinary and cross-media communication situations between the visitors, the objects and the museum," Katharina believes. 

Kate Bailey (UK) and Arne Kvorning (Denmark) will also share their experience. Kate is a senior curator and producer in the Theatre and Performance Department of Victoria & Albert Museum. For over 20 years she has worked in field of design and development of content for new museums and exhibitions, including the search for innovative and even theatrical solutions for interpretation and presentation of complicated items. Arne is a Founder and Chief Architect of Kvorning Design & Communication involved in exhibition, interior and graphic solutions for organizations in Denmark and abroad that ranks among Top 5 best companies of this kind in the world. Over 5,000 projects in 50 countries of the world have been implemented since 1992, including museum spaces and temporary exhibitions. Arne himself gives lectures in exposition design and concept development all over the world. 

The second discussion — "Private Museums" — will be dedicated to the place of private museums in the modern world. Such museums first emerged at the height of the Medici in Europe, and in last 20 years over 70% of existing private museums has been published. However, when we think these museums, the Hermitage, the Louvre, Tate Modern and couple dozen other large museums are usually mentioned. One of them will be represented by Mikhail Piotrovsky (Russia), general director of the State Hermitage Museum and the President of the Russian Museum's Union. Desire Feuerle (Germany) will discuss issues of interaction of private and state museums together with him.

Desire is a consultant for famous international collections; he specializes in renowned international modern, contemporary, and Asian art collections. Desire is a Co-Founder of The Feuerle Collection and a founding member of the Global Private Museum Network. In 2016, he was included in the Artnet News' Index of The World’s Top 100 Art Collectors.

The detailed program of the events of Open Lectures "Culture 2.0" is published in the Program section on the Cultural Forum's website.

All the events of Open Lectures "Culture 2.0" are free of charge. To attend the events of Open Lectures "Culture 2.0", please get registered as a participant of the Public Flow on the Forum's website and receive a free electronic ticket. 

All the events will be held in the Manezh Central Exhibition Hall at Isaakiyevskaya Square, 1. 

Open Lectures "Culture 2.0" is a constantly functioning discussion project of the Saint Petersburg International Cultural Forum. The events of Open Lectures "Culture 2.0" include lectures, discussions, interactive formats, such as open workshops, disputes, intellectual marathons and so on. Open Lectures "Culture 2.0" is open for everyone who is interested in the modern cultural process and wants to take an active part in it. "Culture 2.0" will focus on the technologies used in modern Russian culture in the broadest possible sense: from digital and virtual technologies to social practices, the technologies of setting up public spaces, developing local communities and promoting inclusive and educational cultural projects.