Performances, Video Art, Crypto Art and Virtual Theatre: Program Announced for Open Lectures "Culture 2.0" in Forum

Open Lectures "Culture 2.0" will raise many burning issues concerning technology and newest trends in the modern cultural process at St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum on November 11–13. Invited global experts will share experience in practical application of artificial intelligence and discuss video art, crypto art, storytelling, collaborations and other new culture phenomena.

"Culture 2.0" is a discussion project and a key block of the educational program of St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum. The Open Lectures respond to the shifts in the newest culture and provide the venue to discuss innovative projects under implementation in the major culture institutions across the globe. The discussions concern trends and technologies in the broad sense, from artificial intelligence to new inclusion and urban planning tools.

This year, "Culture 2.0" events will be held under an umbrella topic of transformation and mutual penetration of culture, urban environment and technology. Professional discussions will bring together world-famous culture personalities, innovative project managers, museum representatives, researchers, designers and contemporary artists, theatre and cinema directors.

The Open Lectures will launch the discussion on "Why We Need Storytelling". Telling stories goes beyond making blog posts or guiding tours. Today stories are being told by a variety of culture institutions through the use of new technologies. What is storytelling in culture? How to use it properly? How to shape a story into a captivating emotive experience for a visitor? The Forum will provide the answers.

For the first time, the Open Lectures will not only discuss the potential of artificial intelligence in theory, but also demonstrate functioning projects at the interface of machine learning and culture. At the event titled "Artificial Intelligence. Projects Presentation", western culture institutions and research organizations will share the results of artificial intelligence implementation in daily work of culture establishments.

What is on display in a modern museum? Yoga Dinosaurs, Airplane with Salvador Dali moustache, paintings by great artists in an airport are only some of the surprising but quite real cases. In "Museum Marketing: New Effective Solutions", representatives of the largest museums of France, the UK, Canada and the Netherlands will speak about the boldest marketing campaigns.

An important module of "Culture 2.0" discussions will be dedicated to current cases of interaction between various culture phenomena: museum and theatre, technology and fashion, urban and museum space, their development and transformation. Collaborations and associations of culture institutions have become a promising trend in creative economy. "Museum & City Dialogue" is a discussion on how museums engage with local population, how to create and fill public spaces, and in what way modern cities actually develop.

The next discussion will speculate on "How Technologies Shape Cities". Urbanists from different countries will discuss concepts of "smart" cities, applications of sensors and CCTV systems, and tools for shaping a mobile and inclusive urban environment.

Can Theatre and Museum connect? The question will be tackled at the event titled "From Performance to Installations: Practices of Interaction Between Theatres and Museums". Directors, stage managers and curators of major museums and theatres will speak of how museums implement theatrical tools and theatres stage performances resembling museum showrooms with exhibits.

Another, not less inspiring collaboration between technology and fashion will be discussed at "Modern Technologies That Are Changing the Fashion Industry". Digitization has multiple applications in fashion: augmented reality in virtual fitting rooms, online testing of future collections, 3D printers for models. These and other trends will be discussed at the event.

The Forum will also discuss pop culture: "Mass Culture: Is It Kitsch or Boon?" Is it still appropriate today to divide culture into that of masses and that of the elite? Should elite culture be juxtaposed to pop culture, or do they in many ways intersect with each other? Can mass culture be of high quality, intellectual? The discussion promises to become contradictory and global, as it will involve representatives from organizations of multiple levels: university professors, heads of professional associations, specialists from private and state museums, and journalists. They will all present their points of view.

Several discussions will be dedicated to virtual art and digital art tools. "Traditional Theatre vs. Virtual Theatre" discussion will consider application of VR and AR technology in theatre stagings, immersive spectator experience and future of the classical performances.

The topic will be further expanded in "Video Art and Visual Trends" where renowned digital and video artists will speak of the new ways to create and perceive artwork.

From video art, the discussion will move to digital art: "What Is NFT and Why Is Crypto Art So Important?" NFT technology is not only a technique for creating conceptually new art; it is presently used for protection against plagiarism and simplifying transactions in art market. The discussion will speculate on how can the digital painting trend alter the approaches to collecting and archiving works of art, and how it has already provided the basis for the new visual culture era.

A detailed program of the events of Open Lectures "Culture 2.0" will be available at the website. Forum news updates appear in VKontakte and Facebook social media.

"Culture 2.0" events are free of charge. To attend the events of Open Lectures "Culture 2.0", please register as a participant of the Public Flow at the Forum's website and obtain a free e-ticket. Registration for the Public Flow will open on October 1.