The Festival Phenomenon will be discussed at the Forum

The plenary session "Today's social significance of art" will open the work of the track "Festival of festivals". Leading industry experts will outline the strategic objectives of the development of the world festival movement in the context of modern socio-cultural trends.

The festival is a multifaceted event that is conducted in various places and venues, and implemented in a variety of formats, responding to the needs of time, society and professional cultural community. 

The most dynamic form of interaction between creative personalities and the audience — is that the festival nevertheless often focuses on those areas of culture that are usually referred to academic ones. In its turn, academic art is naturally inclined to conservatism. 

Such combination of modern presentation format with classical filling comprises a great potential. There is no doubt that the festival audience is formed by the laws different from those that form the traditional audience of cultural institution.

Dmitry Grinchenko, General Director of The Russian Concert Agency, urges: "Stop talking about the elitism of academic art, you should be closer to the audience, meet the needs of the spectator and the listener, talk to him. The festival is the best tool for the dialogue."

The dialogue between the creators and the society is exactly the main topic of the plenary session of the track "Festival of festivals". The questions occur in the discussion have strategic character. How to integrate the festival into the city life and how to turn it into a significant event? What socio-economic aspects of the festival activities can and should become a driver of the region's development? Why do some projects turn into independent socio-cultural conglomerates with their own stable community of so-called "festival residents", and at the same time some of them fade away without leaving any significant achievements? What is the role of the festival head in establishing interaction with the audience and how to hear "your " audience, while maintaining the authenticity of the festival product?

Each participant of the plenary session is a highly qualified specialist, who has made a great contribution to the development of the festival industry in general and of certain festivals in particular. The opportunity of the joint approach to the solution of these issues is the ability to set priorities for the development of festival movement, to change its evolution vector in accordance with today's needs, to actively use the best world practices and to define the importance of today's art.

The plenary session will be attended by Yuri Bashmet, People's artist of the USSR, Professor, Artistic Director of the Winter international festival of arts in Sochi (Russia); Mihai Constantinescu, George Enescu Festival Head (Romania); Catherine Deventer, Secretary General of the European Association of festivals (Germany); Kim Sung-Gyu, Director of the Sejong Arts Center, Seoul (Republic of Korea); Efruz Chakyrkaya, Director of the Istanbul Music Festival (Turkey); Fabrizio Grifazi, General and Artistic Director of the Romaeuropa Foundation (Italy) and Dmitry Grinchenko, General Director of the Russian Concert Agency (Russia).