Who Creates Virtual Clothes and Who Wears Them? Technologies in the Fashion Industry Will Be Discussed at the Forum

The Open Lectures "Culture 2.0" will for the first time raise the topic of digital technologies in the fashion industry at the Forum. On November 13, experts from the UK, Denmark, and Russia will talk about 3D models, virtual fitting rooms, and digital collections of fashion brands.

The Open Lectures offers analyzing the problems of the fashion industry that were hard to imagine before. Today, designers and brands are faced with difficulties in attracting the attention of a young audience, with the outflow of visitors from offline stores, with the problems of clothing overproduction and environmental pollution. How can innovative technologies, digital formats, and digital clothing designers solve these problems? And what will the future fashion industry look like? These and many other questions will be answered by international experts.

Speakers of the discussion "Modern Technologies That Are Changing the Fashion Industry" include Cat Taylor (UK), a pioneer of digital fashion, the creative director and co-founder of the Institute of Digital Fashion, Leanne Elliott Young (UK), CEO and co-founder of the Institute of Digital Fashion and the founder of CommuneEast, and Morten Grubak (Denmark), executive creative director of the VIRTUE — VICE Media Group agency. Matthew Drinkwater (UK), head of the Fashion Innovation Agency of London College of Fashion, will join the discussion online.

Cat Taylor, aka Cattytay, has been creating digital clothing since 2015 using 3D and other technologies; she has collaborated with global brands such as Balenciaga, Prada, Vetements, Off-White. In 2020, amid the global pandemic, together with Leanne Elliott Young, they launched the Institute of Digital Fashion (IoDF) The Institute's manifesto states:

"We offer a platform to re-structure how technology and digital are used from creation to consumer."

Kat and Leanne are redefining production methods, inventing digital solutions for designing clothes, conducting shows, and making fashion more accessible and diversified.

Technologies in the fashion industry can simplify people's lives thanks to the widespread use of virtual fitting rooms, preliminary online testing of future collections, and 3D printers that make production cheaper. But what is more important to discuss is how technology will usher in a new era in the development of the fashion industry.

Morten Grubak said that he would be interested in analyzing the basic principles of fashion of the new era and their impact on culture at "Culture 2.0”:

"We are now waiting to find out who will dominate the culture and how this will affect the principles of diversity, equality, and inclusivity."

The implementation of technologies for the creation of clothing from recycled waste is becoming more and more popular and highly-demanded by the consumers. Artificial intelligence is involved in the creation of bio-responsive clothing that can monitor our health, maintain a comfortable body temperature, and respond to changes in weather conditions. The issues of creating "smart" and sustainable clothing will also be discussed as part of "Culture 2.0".

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