Alena Peneva

Editor-in-Chief of Cosmopolitan Russia magazine.
In her childhood, Alena lived and studied in Europe: in Germany, Switzerland and England. She graduated from university in London. Alena has a law degree but work in this field seemed boring and uninteresting for her, so she preferred to practice PR first and then journalism. After working for some time in the capital of Great Britain Peneva decided to move to Russia. Arriving in Moscow, she sent a resume to Vogue and was invited for interview, in which she made the magazine leadership being interested in her. In 2002, Alena Peneva began working at Vogue as a Junior Editor in the Beauty Department. Two years later, she moved to Harpers's Bazaar. Two years after that she transferred to Grace. From 2006 to 2009, Alena led special projects in the magazine and in 2009 she was appointed as an Editor-in-Chief. In October 2017, Alena headed the editorial board of Cosmopolitan Russia magazine.

Despite the fact that the publication of the monthly glossy magazine involves a considerable pressure and busy rhythm, Alena adheres to a strict rule: no work on the weekend.

Alena Peneva has a daughter, Anna, born in 2007. She is also very fond of fashion, and also is interested in ballet, reading, drawing and learning the German language. Her life, like that of her mother, is painted on minutes.
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