Alexey Zakharenkov

General Director, "Vita Nova" Publishing House.
From 1998 to 2000, Editor-in-Chief of the Ves publishing house (St. Petersburg). In 2000, he established the Vita Nova publishing house (St. Petersburg), specializing in the production of small-circulation collectible illustrated editions. The publishing house has received numerous awards and diplomas, including: the highest award of the Russian book industry — Book of the Year (2002, 2016, 2019).

Born in 1961 in Riga. Graduated from the Riga Polytechnic Institute. From 1990 to 1997, co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of the Polaris publishing house (Riga). The publishing house specialized in the complete works of the classics of foreign science fiction. In 1993, he founded the Ves publishing house (Riga), which published, among other things, the Rodnik magazine, which in 1996 was awarded the Booker Prize as the best Russian periodical. In 1997, Alexey Zakharenkov moved from Latvia to St. Petersburg.

The publications of "Vita Nova" are presented in the collections of many Russian and foreign museums: State Hermitage Museum, State Russian Museum, Russian Academy of Arts, Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, A. S. Pushkin State Museum, A. S. Pushkin All-Russian Museum, F. M. Dostoevsky Literary Memorial Museum, etc.

Alexey Zakharenkov is a member of the Writers' Union of Russia, a member of the World Club of Petersburgers.