Andrew Erskine

Senior creative economy expert, Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy.
United Kingdom
Senior Associate, Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy.

Andrew is a leading international expert on the creative economy. His focus is on innovation and the creative economy, with an especial interest in digital technology, entrepreneurship,

higher education, strategic support initiatives, the business of culture, knowledge exchange and transfer, creative places and spaces. Core to his work is the exploration of creativity and its transformative effect on all aspects of our lives. In particular, he is interested in how individual and collective creative capital can be unlocked through new uses of technology, approaches to learning and skills, improved public services and organisational development.

Much of his work involves projects which build connections across a variety of public agendas including place-making, regeneration, social inclusion and diversity, economic growth and sustainability. Andrew is asked to speak frequently in the UK and abroad, often on issues related to emerging and new economies. Andrew's background is in senior management within the creative industries beginning in customer magazines.

He launched two new media start-ups – elancentric an award-winning portal for freelancers and Alodis, a multi-platform service forself-employed professionals. Core areas of expertise include policy and strategy for the cultural sector and creative economy; deep knowledge on economic development, planning and infrastructure at a local and regional level; and technical expertise in organisational change, new business models, financial planning, impact studies, investment and partnership working.

Highlights include:
- Over 15 years as a leading international consultant and authority on cultural, creative and digital sectors.
- 10 years managing companies and digital start-ups including two internet start-ups and the UK’s first multi-platform service for self-employed professionals.
- Over 15 years designing and delivering research on all aspects of the cultural sector and creative economy.
- Over 10 years’ experience of leading organisations and companies and managing diverse teams.
- Diverse teams on delivering projects.
- Over 15 years working to deliver research and consultancy across the EU.
- Over 10 years delivering work in emergent creative economies including working as the lead EU advisor on the development of the creative industries in Lebanon, developing a digital strategy for Sub-Saharan Africa for the British Council in Tanzania, Ethiopia, and Kenya, developing a creative industries strategy for Arkhangelsk in Russia.
- 10 years managing companies and digital start-ups including two internet start-ups and the UK’s first multi-platform service for self-employed professionals.
- Andrew is a recognised expert in delivering inspiring talks which inspire audiences.

Previous Positions:

Head of London, Arts and Business, 2004.

Communications and research consultant, the Work Foundation, 2002-2004.

Channel Head, Mongrel Worlds ltd, 2000-2002.

Content Director,, 2000.

Managing Editor, Citrus Interactive Publishing, 1996-2000.

Production manager, Stroudgate International Publishing, 1994-1996.

Sales Executive, Haymarket Publishing, 1993-1994.

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