Antonio Leo Tarasco

Head of the Administrative and Supervisory Service, Directorate-General of Museums of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and of Tourism.
Such Service is responsible for international loans, purchases of artworks, State warranty insurance, economy of culture, financing of museums, sponsorships and donations.

Has been an executive, since 2015, of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and of Tourism, where he heads the "Administrative and Supervisory Service", within the Directorate-General of Museums. As the head he is responsible for: acquisition of cultural assets, both movable and immovable, by private treaty; granting of state insurance guarantees on the occasion of exhibitions or shows of cultural assets; economy of culture; sponsorship and promotion of donations; intangible property rights deriving from the management of cultural heritage; contracts; financing of state cultural institutions and places of culture, approval of the budgets of institutions with special autonomy, evaluation of the management of state cultural institutions and places of culture; relations with the Court of Auditors, the Attorney General's Office and the Independent Performance Evaluation Body.

He is author of some 140 publications, concerning the sources of law, cultural heritage and activities, administrative procedure, administrative justice, controls and accountability, ineligibility, popular sovereignity, public management. Currently he teaches Administrative Law, as a substitute professor, at the Central Institute for Restoration and Conservation of Archival and Book Heritage "Alfonso Gallo", at the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome, as well as in many University Master's programs dedicated to the so-called cultural heritage management.