Boris Neupokoev

History teacher, School named after A. M. Gorchakova.
Boris Neupokoev, history teacher at the A. M. Gorchakov Memorial School. Since 1998 he has been working in the project "The A. M. Gorchakov Memorial School". The A. M. Gorchakov Memorial School was founded in Pavlovsk (a suburb of St. Petersburg) in 1999 by entrepreneur S. E. Gutzeit in the country house of A. P. Bryullov, a famous Russian architect, restored of the founder.

The school was created as a guide for private educational institutions with the goal of positively influencing the country's public life. In order to preserve, study and promote information about the history of Pavlovsk, in 2017, the Yeleninsky Quarter Cultural and Educational Center was created on the basis of the school, with Pavlovsk residents actively participating in its work. Every year, the school holds educational events of the all-Russian and regional scale: The Gorchakov Forum of school projects, The Neskuchnaya Nauka (Fun Science) Festival, the MetaGor Tournament for solving project challenges, the Intellectual Marathon, the Knight's Tournament. In summer, international summer schools for students and teachers are organized and charity events for children with disabilities are held on the school territory (the We Play ROCK Together Festival).

The school was created in accordance with the educational model of the Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum: only young men from 11 to 18 years of age study at the boarding school (three classes with a total of 40 people: junior, middle, senior); the educational program is aimed at the versatile development of the student’s personality, which is achieved not only during the study of academic subjects but also during educational trips, excursions, visits to theatres and museums, during the implementation of projects and in the framework of various types of extracurricular activities (sports, dance, choir, theatre laboratory, musical instruments, visual programming, etc.); the relationship between students and teachers is built on the principles of mutual respect and active cooperation; students of the school have repeatedly become awardees and winners of the regional and final stage of the All-Russian Olympics in various subjects.

The teachers are winners of grant programs of various levels. In 2017–2019, the projects "The Yeleninsky Quarter Cultural and Educational Center" and "Graduates Laboratory" became the winners of the TOPShkola Contest (RybakovFond).
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