Catharina Neefjes

Head of education & communication, Dolhuys | Museum of the Mind and Outsider Art Museum.
In 1988 Catharine graduated from the School for Journalism in Utrecht, the Netherlands. From 1988 until 2009, she worked as a journalist for the Dutch Associated Press Organization.

As head of education & communication for Dolhuys | Museum of the Mind (since 2009), Catharine Neefjes specializes in engaging the public and press in the museums’ message of destigmatizing mental health issues.

Catharine was also closely involved in the development and opening of the Outsider Art Museum Amsterdam, which currently receives 150.000 visitors each year.

Dolhuys | Museum of the Mind, is undergoing a total renovation of the historic building and a renewal of the permanent exhibition. Dolhuys | museum of the mind is expected to be open for public again in the second half of 2020.