Choe Hong Nam

Deputy Minister of Culture of the DPRK.
Dem. People's Rep. Korea
Born June 4, 1964 in Pyongyang, DPRK.

Choe Hong Nam graduated from the Pyongyang Art College and the Pyongyang University of Music and Choreography.

Since his graduation in 1987 until 1998 Choe Hong Nam worked as a performer of the artistic ensemble Mansude.

Since 1999 until 2016 he worked in the Ministry of Culture of the DPRK, first as a referent, then deputy director of a department going on later to become its director.

Since 2017 until 2018 he worked as a director of the State Choreographic School.

Since 2019 Choe Hong Nam works as Deputy Minister of Culture of the DPRK.