Denis Rieder

General Director of RIEDER Project Group LLC.
1989–1995 — study at higher art and industrial school named after V. I. Mukhina / Baron Stieglitz Academy, specialty designer researcher.

Since 1993 — Director of the SPO of Architecture, Urban Planning and Design.

Since 1994 — Director of the Design Laboratory of the Agency «DOM Plyus».

Since 1996 — designer, architect at STNPP "Sobor".

Since 1998 — designer, architect at 248 USMR.

From 2004 to the present at. — General Director of RIEDER Project Group LLC.

In 2013 graduated from the Military Academy of Logistics and Transport named after General of the Army A. V. Khrulev.
Specialty civil engineering Projects: 1996–1998 — project of the Nursing Home in the estate of Pogi of Sofiysky Cathedral; 2002 — the project of the youth center of APATIT JSC “Big Woodyavr”; 2003–2004 — the project of the Main House "Nizhnyaya Dacha " in the Alexandria Park GMZ "Petergoff"; 2004–2007 — project of the building of an elementary school for 400–450 places; 2005–2006 — fire station and presentation pavilion at the YuZOS site; 2010–2012 — the project of preservation and adaptation of the complex of the “Verkhniye Teplitsy” of the Alexander Park GMZ "Tsarskoye Selo"; 2011 — The concept of technical re-equipment and fixtures for the modern use of the Small Hermitage building; 2011–2013 — conservation and adaptation of the complex “Imperatorskaya Ferma” GMZ "Tsarskoye Selo”; 2012–2013 — reconstruction of the dining room complex of the State Hermitage; 2016–2017 — the project of preservation and adaptation of the fort "Battery North No. 7". Project awards: Golden Sign Award and Vladimir Tatlin Architecture Prize 2017, Golden Diploma Architecton 2017, Silver Diploma Architectural Heritage 2018; 2016–2017 - a project for the preservation and adaptation of the “Nizhnyaya Dacha” complex in the Alexandria Park of the GMB PETERGOF; 2017 — Design project of the international exhibition "Hessian Princesses in Russian History" in Frankfurt am Main; 2018 — the concept of preserving and developing the center of the historical settlement of Ustyuzhna as part of the All-Russian contest of the best projects for creating a comfortable urban environment; 2018 — the project of adaptation to the educational building of the RANEPA and the design project of the interiors of the cultural property “The building of the almshouse and school of F. M. Sadovnikov and S. G. Gerasimov”.
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